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Employers today struggle to find good candidates when the process becomes a computer-filtered exercise or when recruiters send too many resumes that are just bad. And staffing loses sight of candidates as people. We are out to change that.

We augment your HR staff and help find candidates. We screen our candidates on a 5 behavioral qualities and human interaction playing a large part of the interview process. We ask our candidates to participate in social settings and meetups. Candidates receive a score not simply based on experience but based on their match to the values of the position.

How do we do this?

  1. Provide you with a Free ATS to use to manage your positions and candidates.
  2. Candidates apply for your positions.
  3. We also help you find and evaluate additional candidates outside of your network.
  4. We send you Elevator Pitches and Scores of the best candidates we find.

We help reduce your cost and time of sourcing,eliminating the exorbitant rates that typical recruiting firms charge.